Mountain Modern Design, Hotel Terra’s Style Footprint

By design, Hotel Terra leaves a light footprint on the land but a strong footprint on style. As such, sustainability and style informed every interior design detail. This duality – coined Mountain Modern design by Erin Langan, senior interior design associate at Susan Marinello Interiors, the Seattle-based firm that designed Hotel Terra – is best expressed in favorite vignettes within the hotel. Like the back corner of the main lobby, a nook beloved by Caitlin Keys, Property Manager of Hotel Terra. A self-proclaimed people watcher, Keys always gravitates to the fireside niche, curling up with her laptop for a quiet work moment or with friends and a bottle of wine for a cozy cocktail hour. “It feels like your living room,” she said, “And it can live many lives this way.”


For Keys, the Mountain Modern design concept comes to life in three key elements: the repurposed railroad tie beams used throughout Terra; the faux hair on hide poufs that pepper the lobby and guest rooms; and the Louis Poulsen Artichoke pendants dangling in both lobbies. “I appreciate each of them separately, but together they embody the Terra aesthetic,” she said.


Dovetailing the high aesthetic bar, the designers considered the environmental impact of each piece within the property. “When Terra opened, we were one of the first hotels to build under LEED certification,” Keys said. “The design elements were selected to fulfill this purpose, but as LEED standards become the norm in hotel construction, these are now the elements that still set us apart, because they are integral to the spirit of Terra.”

Strokes of eco-sourcing genius abound, like the Paperstone countertop – 100% post-consumer recycled paper – turned Front Desk. “I love the paradox that the one place in the hotel that we use the most paper and inherently have the most surplus is in turn designed from the same product,” Keys said.

At Hotel Terra, high-minded high-design find harmony.

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