Hotel Terra is LEED Certified

leed-inset-logoDid you know that Hotel Terra is LEED-Silver certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)? We worked hard to create an eco hotel, and the LEED certification places us alongside an elite list of high-end, sustainable hotels in the United States.

Guests get a sense of our commitment to a clean lifestyle from the second they step into the Hotel Terra Lobby Lounge. The air quality in Hotel Terra is unparalleled because we circulate large amounts of outside air into the guestrooms and employ low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) carpets and pads, sealants, paint, and adhesives. Nothing’s stale about the air you breath in Hotel Terra!

Terra Lobby - Jackson Hole Hotels

Behind the scenes, we offset every bit of our electric and natural gas power by purchasing alternative, clean energy from wind, solar, and hydro sources. Those are just a few examples of the ways in which we strive to provide guests with a healthy, eco-friendly, and sustainable experience.

Luxury Travel MagazineAnd, national magazines and publications are starting to acknowledge Hotel Terra’s steadfast commitment to sustainability. Luxury Travel Magazine recently described Hotel Terra’s eco-conscious practices, writing: “Pushing well beyond LEED criteria and continually developing its eco-friendly efforts to preserve and protect the environment while still offering an indulgent hotel experience for their guests, Hotel Terra truly succeeds in offering a relaxing eco-friendly romantic vacation experience.”

For more information about Hotel Terra’s LEED certification and eco facts, CLICK HERE.



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