Our Favorite Jackson Hole Running Trails

The first  Wednesday of June marks  Global Running Day, a day that inspires others to get moving and celebrate the joy of running. Jackson Hole’s scenery and beauty, along with a vast trail system always inspires us to run. With bike paths  and trails right out our back doors there is a path for every type of runner. Our management team loves to get outside and enjoy the trails, so we asked them to share some of their favorite Jackson Hole running trails.


My favorite run in Jackson Hole (and probably the world) is Putt-Putt/Hagen Trail combo in Cache Creek Canyon. The Putt-Putt Trail is on one side of the canyon, and Hagen is on the other. I love it because you can make it as long or short as you want. There are a few places where you can cross from the Putt-Putt Trail over to the Hagen Trail. You can also run it in the opposite direction, from Hagen to Putt-Putt, with views of the Tetons if you finish at Nelson Drive. Plus, the wildflowers in the spring are amazing!!
Day Day Howe, national sales manager

One of my favorite trail runs is Putt Putt. The trail head is on the east side of Jackson, but it quickly escapes to a scenic, rolling trail with mountain views and wild flowers.
Sara Dolentz, spa director


My favorite run in Jackson is the Elk Refuge Road. Being a resident of East Jackson, this has become a favorite over the last few years. The options and obstacles are endless with this run, as you can run as short or as far as you want and you never know what wildlife you will run in to along the way. The run is never the same and depending on the wind, the challenge varies. The best part of course, the view. It’s been three years and those Teton still never cease to amaze me!!!
Ayla Allen, conference services manager

I like running on Elk Refuge Road… mostly because it’s an out-and-back so I don’t feel like I need to complete a loop or finish a certain distance. Plus, it’s gorgeous views, particularly in the early evening light when I normally run. There are never any off leash dogs to worry about. And it’s close to my house.
Stephen Lane, marketing manager



My favorite trail is the Wild Flower Trail at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. It’s right out the door from Hotel Terra, so I can easily access the trail for lunch breaks and after work. It’s an uphill climb, but the wildflowers and views make it worth it, plus when you reach the swing it just adds a lit childlike fun to your run.
Emily Beardsley, marketing manager

We want to see how you celebrate global running day in Jackson Hole. Share your Jackson Hole running photo on Instagram and tag @hotelterra and #globalrunningday. Show us your instagramm’ed photo at Chill Spa on June 1, and we’ll give you a free sample of locally harvested arnica to help mend sore muscles.

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