Bring on Winter

Bring it on, winter! The first significant storm of the season blasted in overnight, dumping nearly a foot of snow on top of Rendezvous Mountain. And it’s sticking, with cold temps forecasted all week long.

14” of snow fell last night, with 8” more forecasted for today. We now have over 2’ of snow on the valley floor and this storm is expected to bring the season total to over 4’ of snow, all before mid-November!


As the rest of the country eases into the cold, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is in full winter mode: the snow drifts are building up against the Tram deck and the mountain filling in with powder beckoning to be skied. Everyone’s sporting their winter gear, boots and puffy’s, and are psyched for powder.

This mighty start bodes well for the season and lays a strong foundation for the epic turns ahead. Famously a mecca for experts, the Resort in reality boasts all types of terrain. Everyone – truly everyone, from beginner skiers to big-mountain riders – can find their niche on Rendezvous Mountain.

Once the Resort officially opens on November 27, the powder pandemonium never lets up, and it’s looking to be an opening weekend we won’t soon forget. Bring it on, winter!


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