Best of Gaper Day in Jackson Hole

It’s an annual spring-time tradition in Jackson Hole (and beyond), and one of our favorite days every winter: Gaper Day!

Every year, on April Fool’s Day, Jackson Hole’s diehard, local, and core skiers and snowboarders turn out in droves for a day of hilarity. They’re bedecked in neon and/or denim (because it’s okay to combine one day a year), retro onesies or bikinis. They’re clicked into straight, skinny skis. They throw splaffies, spreaders, methods, and cossacks off every windlip and cat track. Fanny packs and gaper gaps are ubiquitous. It’s impossible not to have fun on Gaper Day Jackson Hole!

This year was no different. The atmosphere in Teton Village and all over Jackson Hole Mountain Resort was as electric as the brightly colored jackets the gapers were wearing. Trolling the interweb on April 2 is also highly recommended. Our ski town brethren—from towns like Steamboat Springs, Winter Park, and Vail—join in the Gaper Day revelry, and it’s great to see Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram explode with Gaper Day content!

So, we handpicked the best of Gaper Day Jackson Hole. Enjoy…

Gaper Day Jackson Hole

Gaper Day_3

Gaper Day_2

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